November 19, 2017
#News | CNN's Libya Slave Report; Still So Many Questions

The issue of illegal immigration has taken another horrifying turn as new evidence have been reported by CNN. The network’s investigators have recently released strong proof of slave trade happening in Libya Tripoli that young sub-Saharan men and women undergo as they are hopeful to reach Europe. A grainy video footage showed 20-something black males being sold while the whole negotiation is happening in Arabic.

According to CNN, tens of thousands of people reach the borders of Libya. Some are refugees fleeing conflict, others economic migrants in search of better opportunities in Europe.
The migrants have sold everything they owned in order to go on this perilous adventure. However, since a recent crackdown by the Libyan coastguard, fewer boats are making it out to sea, which leaves the smugglers with the less fortunate.
Not knowing what to do with these people, the smugglers become masters, the migrants and refugees become slaves.

Some details about this Libyan slave trade are still uncertain. Indeed, reports stated that the migrants where sold as day-laborer, however we do not know if they were going back to the smugglers at the end of the day or are abandoned to a new master. Also, some of these travelers were able to pay for their freedom, some could make calls to their families to have them send money but others travelled with money on them. Still, it’s not clear as to how the payment operations really happened.

Are the smugglers really nice at first and then start emotionally abuse the migrants. Do they call them slaves or negros in arabic in addition to "merchandise"?

What remains certain is another African broken dream for financial or social stability. We strongly believe in rebuilding our continent ourselves but sometimes it seems as if there is no way out. Our young men and women would rather risk their life and flee the African struggle to prosper in Europe. African governments are not doing enough to retain their younger generation, their nations’ future, through political stability and economic opportunities. There is no way out, there seems to be no hope.
In response to this shocking revelations, celebrities have taken on social media to express their hurt.

Legendary Ivorian reggae musician, Alpha Blondy, through a facebook video calls for sub-Saharan African leaders to help protect their citizens wherever they find themselves.

To Presidents of the African Union and ECOWAS blondy says,

we are Africans who count on you to defend us and to protect us, we are surprised and amazed at your silence over the dismal, humiliating and unacceptable situation that your nationals, brothers, sisters, our sons and daughters are sold as slaves in Libya (a member of the African Union).

RFI journalist Claudy SIar also shared his rage on a video where he really seemed distraught by CNN’s report. Siar called out the lack of sensibility from the government and celebrities such as soccer stars who are not paying attention to the crises happening at the African continent expense. In response, Cameroonian soccer player Samuel Eto’o has already express his availability to do something with Claudy Siar in regards to the matter.

Guinean son and Soccer celeb Paul Pogba also dedicated his Manchester United comeback goal to people 'suffering from slavery in Libya'. Pogba put his wrists together after he scored United's third and explained the gesture in an Instagram post after the game.
He wrote: "While very happy to be back, my prayers go to those suffering slavery in Libya. May Allah be by your side and may this cruelty come to an end!"

Since CNN’s report, social media is recording countless reactions most of which condemn this practice, hoping that competent institutions will put an end to it. It the meantime civilians are urged to protest in front of Libyan embassies in the world in order to press the end of the Libya’s slavery.

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