November 11, 2017
#SoHip | Did Dama Do Bling Channel Nicki Minaj in her Video?

In her 2016 video for the song O Outro Lado da Lei, rapper Dama Do Bling sported a jumpsuit that looked a lot like Nicki Minaj’s ensemble worn in 2013 during a performance in NYC.

Back then, there was a lot of buzz surrounding this piece because it was part of Nicki Minaj’s collection with K Mart. The collection included many body hugging pieces.

The chain-link pattern on Bling’s number looks very similar to minaj’s outfit, however while the Mozambican rapper had long sleeves, the NYC femcee was sporting a sleeveless jumpsuit with a matching jacket.

Nevertheless the similarity has us wonder if Dama do bling or her stylist shopped from the Nicki Minaj Collection. Interestingly enough, the line was reportedly discontinued only a few month after the “O Outro Lado da Lei” video release.

With the fact that Dama Do Bling is sometimes called “the Lil Kim of Africa” and being aware of the undying beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, topped with the fact that Dama Do Bling is actually a beast on the mic, the irony behind this “Bitch Stole My Look” moment is something worth keeping on the record for African pop culture sake.

Do you think it was a good move from Dama Do Bling?
And who do you think pulled off this look best?

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