November 11, 2017
#Video | Get into Lizha James' Newest Releases

Talented Moza songstress Lizha James has been hard at work as part of the Record Label Bang Entretenimento, which celebrated 10 years of existence with a super concert featuring the label’s hot shots in the Mozambican music industry, including Lizha James herself, and pals Marllen and Dama Do Bling. To complement the occasion, Bang Entretenimento dropped a bunch of hot tracks including "Ta Se Numa Nice".

That being said, James still took the time to work on her individual project. Two hot videos powering tracks “Mutxangana” and “Uloyi”, beautifully complimented by lizha’s whisperish vocal tone, were released in October.

Mutxangana” means “In the circle” in Shona, the most widely spoken Bantu language native to the Shona people of Zimbabwe, but also spoken in Mozambique. The Marabenta styled song and its video portray the life of a ratchet girl who lives in the city and boasts a luxurious lifestyle. The video includes cameo appearances from rapper Dama Do Bling and songstress Marllen.

Musically on the softer side, “Uloyi”, which means “witchcraft”, tells the story of a woman who has realized that her husband is under the enchantment of another woman. She therefore warns that “witch” to leave her husband in the name of Jesus.

Ultimately, Lizha James has unveiled two polished visuals and socially compelling themes to sing about. We are particularly excited about her new music. You should get into it as well.

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