January 21, 2019
#Scoop | Amani Reveals that R Kelly has “Baby Smooth Skin”

In 2010, Kenyan singer Amani was the only female African artiste to feature in the Airtel One8 project. Years later, she is still enjoying the fruits of that collaboration.

“That Airtel endorsement put me on the continental platform. I remember once being stopped at the airport by two fans from Cape Verde for autographs. I was shocked. I have performed in countries that I would never imagine,” she confided to a Kenyan news outlet.

Amani was 30 years old when she joined One8, the ambitious project brought together 8 talented African artists as a super group that ended up recording the song “Hands Across The World” with American superstar R. Kelly at his house in Chicago, USA.

The other One8 artists included 2face (Nigeria), 4×4 (Ghana), Alikiba (Tanzania), Fally Ipupa (DR Congo), JK (Zambia), Movaizhaleine (Gabon) and Navio (Uganda).

In 2015, Amani revealed that the American RnB genius R.Kelly, is one person she holds close to her heart and that he is one of the people who have inspired her music career.
In a 2016 interview with Sheila Lives Out Loud, Amani recalled her encounter with R Kelly.

“Everytime R Kelly was in the room, I was so quiet because I am thinking what do I say to him? And I was always pinching myself like is this happening? Is this for real?” Amani added that R Kelly is a very passionate man, and very down to earth, and easygoing. She revealed that she had conversations with the artist down on the carpet, writing songs and talking about their life experiences. Then she also blurted out that R Kelly has baby soft skin.

This last revelation is particularly interesting since R Kelly is under fire for women abuse and sexual misconduct with underage girls. Victims described R Kelly as the outgoing person Amani also acknowledged. However, Kelly’s other personality called Robert is allegedly aggressive.
Amani did keep in touch with R Kelly for a while after the One8 project but the two lost touch, “He is signed to a reputable, respectable recording label, Sony to be precise, which basically manages him, so if you have to get to him, it would be through the management, which is not that easy.” She said.

Today the Kenyan artist has grown in her artistry and switched from secular music to gospel. “I have turned a new leaf. I am now born again. I count all joy,” she confessed. Since she has embarked on this new journey, Amani is committed to inspiring other through the word of God.

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