May 27, 2020
#News | South Africans Are Not Having Doja Cats' Back Amidst #DojaCatIsOverParty

Starting last Friday, fans took to Twitter in order to cancel rapper Doja Cat under the hashtag #DojaCatIsOverParty because of supposed racist behavior. Cat’s real name is Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini, and she is being accused of taking part in racist video chats, writing a song with a racist title and insulting black hair.

Let’s pause a bit on the last accusation. Afro-textured hair has been for ages a weapon for undermining black beauty through the use of qualifiers such as “Unkempt”, “Hard to manage” and so forth. African Americans may have had it the harder way because they felt a strong pressure to assimilate into the white culture of hair. Although Africans had more freedom when it comes to styling their hair, they too bought into the smooth feel of euro-typed hair. And even though young African girls did not have to, some mother were perming and hot combing their hair. African mothers would also use pejorative terms while struggling to comb their daughter’s hair. For a black girl to say she hates her hair, should be very common. It is therefore surprising that people would use someone’s self-appreciation as a weapon against a cultural imperfection that has been encouraged by many for decades. Black women still wear wigs, weaves and braids with fake hair right? But that’s not bashing black hair?

Since then, Doja Cat issued an apology and attempted to straighten some facts  then added “I’m a black woman. Half of my family is black from South Africa and I’m very proud of where I come from.” And for that comment, and that comment only, many Africans felt that Doja Cat was insincere on how she felt about the black side of her family. Although Doja Cat is not loud about her African origins, she did not try to hide them either. Her father is South African actor Dumisani Dlamini, best known for his role in 1992’s Sarafina! starring alongside Whoopi Goldberg. And when she first met Whoopi, Doja told her about her father and was open to the conversation. Still some people wondered on twitter why she did not claim her African side earlier. Others said that “her being South African doesn't excuse her behavior”, and begged her to “leave South Africa out of her mess”.  Other eyebrow-raising tweets accused mixed people like Doja to be extremely racist in South Africa. Needless to say South Africans did not have Doja’s back on twitter.

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