May 30, 2020
#SoHip | This 'Rain on Me' Makeup Look Is Perfect for Dark Skin

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande recently dropped their duet "Rain on Me", and in addition to the its futuristic feel and gestural choreography, fans can’t get enough of the beauty looks created by makeup artists Sarah Tanno and Michael Anthony, the main attraction being by far the outlined white eyeliner on Ariana. This perfectly executed white graphic shape around the eyes would definitely complement  dark skin, not only because it projects a subtle version of African tribal face makeup, but white makeup always looks more majestic on dark skin.

Historically, white makeup is part of African culture. African women and man alike used white clay to draw meaningful shapes on their faces. This style of makeup has been re-invented in order to adapt to the modern world and to allow African women to keep some of their ancestral heritage into the diversity of cities. Last year, a similar white eyeliner makeup idea was experimented by New york based makeup artist Touch by Tomi. On one look she drew the white outline and darkened the eyelids for a better contrast. On a second look, she only traced a white line over golden eyelids. The whole concept was executed for Hand crafted jewelry brand Diallo Dynasty owned by Malian entrepreneur Fatima Diallo.  There is no doubt that black women would slay the streets of Johannesburg, Dakar or Dar es Salaam post-confinement with flattering and chic white eye makeup.

Source: Diallo Dynasty

To achieve the hollow cat-eyes specifically requested by Ariana for the video ‘Rain on Me’, Michael Anthony used the Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner from Stila Cosmetics. He explained that they wanted this look to be "universally flattering and chic."

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