June 5, 2020
#Culture | Don't Call Me Albino!

As we reflect deeper on our social mishaps, we ought to acknowledge the ills that happen within black communities. Her is an example of such problems.

At the World Economic Forum, South African model Thando Hopa recounted the antagonism she encountered from others because of her lack of pigmentation,

“I grew to find out that there was a whole institution created about my existence from derogatory names in almost all indigenous sub-saharan African languages.”

An important point Thando made about the English term Albino is that the Oxford dictionary defines it as the lack of pigment in the skin and hair of humans and animals alike.

“Now apart from me having other issues with that definition as a black person, I have in my racial history a sore spot that is reignited whenever my existence is described in the same wavelength as you would an animal, albinism is no different. So for charity my preferred terminology is person with albinism not Albee.”

Watch her entire speaking engagement

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