June 7, 2020
#News | Dadju Responds To Backlash Over His Silence During #BlackLivesMatter

When French Congolese singer Dadju subliminally announced that he will be dropping a rumba version of his hit song “Jaloux” with Fally Ipupa, fans wondered why he’d rather promote his music than getting involved in the Black Lives Matter movement.
On June 1, the crooner tweeted “Jaloux Rumba Remix” with a check mark emoji. Some people were excited about the news while others questioned his timing. One tweet responded by saying that right now, we are talking about Black Lives Matter. Another one said we don’t care, and the next tweet asked about what would happen if Dadju posted about racism instead.

The Black Lives Matter movement was heightened on May 2020, when a black man was killed by the police in Minneapolis as the white officer put pressure on the Black man’s neck with his knee. Following the tragedy, black people organized many protests against police brutality while demanding justice for its black victims.

Inspired by the movement, black collectives in France decided to lead their own protest against racism while demanding justice for Adama Traore, who also died after being arrested by the French police.

Over the backlash, Dadju responded by saying in a series of tweets

I’m not asking anybody to do what I do a whole year for women, people in need or black people. Why ask a tweet from me because you did? Each one does what he has to do, when he wants, however he wants into the shadows or the limelight. I think there is no useless help as long as it is sincere. It takes more energy to find out who is tweeting or not tweeting than trying to find real solutions. To defend a cause is serious and it is all the time, not a trend. I don't remember seeing this energy when I asked to share my association. It’s the moment more than ever to be united, stay as positive as possible. But please stop always seeing the negative in everything every time. It doesn't do nothing to me, contrary to what some people think, I often play my messages in music because that’s where I have the most strength. When it comes I hope to have the same energy from you. May God help us.

So in addition to the rumba remix of his track “Jaloux”, Dadju also promises to drop something about the current black movement. We are here for it all. In the meantime, we’ll keep enjoying this track.

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