June 3, 2020
#OP | Here Is How You Can support #BlackLivesMatter Causes

For centuries black communities around the world have been victims of not only police brutality but many other types of unfair and violent acts such as rape, high incarceration, dictatorship, slavery and many more. The long history of the black race struggle has taken a significant turn these past few days with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA. The picture of a police officer’s knee pressuring Floyd’s neck subsequently causing his death triggered a more intense Black Lives Matter movement as it has forced many to face the bitter black reality and history. All over the world, including Africa, there is a renewed passion and heightened sensitivity palpable via social media ane protests in favor of the black cause.

Such revolutionary moment cannot go unnoticed and this has become a crucial moment for black people as a whole. This is the right time to expose everything that has been going on against the black race and we must do our very best for the causes that affect us and ours.

So how can we support the Black Lives Matter causes wherever we are:

1- Stay informed and start locally.

It is great to show support to the causes that are having more media coverage, but let’s not forget those who are close to us that deserve the same energy. For example, start illustrating fairness within your surroundings, at home, at work or at school. It would be very hypocritical for anybody to ignore a neighbor who needs help then support further causes. It doesn’t make any sense.

There are different black causes right now that may be interested in within the Black Lives Matter movement. Find below a list of hashtags that are relevant on Social Media right now.

#WeAreTired created by Singer Tiwa Savage against the marginalization of young Nigerian boys and Girls
#JusticeForTina Tina is a 16-year-old girl who was brutally shot by Nigerian Police

#JusticePourAdama Adama died after being arrested by the French police

#JustifeForWazizi Camerounian Journalist Samuel Wazizi was arrested and detained incommunicado for 10months before he died while still in custody.

#JusticeforSamuelMaina Allegedly caught after the curfew, Samuel Maina was brutally beaten & robbed of his phone & other belongings by 2 policemen in Kenya.

#JournalismIsNotACrime against the silencing of free press across the world
#BlackLivesMatter for black causes in America and around the world
#WhiteLivesMatter which is in solidarity to the Black Lives Matter movement by drowning racist posts with Kpop tweets.

2- Show your support on Social Media

Since the creation of social media platforms, there have been a lot of great outcomes that simply started with hashtags. Do not shy away from supporting causes online. If that’s all you do, it is something.

3- Sign Petitions

Signing petitions can make a difference. It demonstrates which issues matter most to you and participate in the process of change.

4- Participate in Peaceful Protests

Throughout history, public protests have created more exposure to many causes. However, mass public gatherings are not allowed in many countries. In case you attend a protests make sure you equip yourself not only against the Coronavirus, prepare yourself for possible police retaliation and other disruptive invasions.

5- Donate

Financial assistance is also extremely important because it helps in many ways, from supporting the victims to covering other important expenses for the cause.

6- Support Black/local/worthy Businesses

You should not just support any business, even black or local. In fact, some of them actively participate in keeping the injustice going. Not all black businesses are good businesses. Once again, you must start by supporting your local black businesses, look up the ones that support your community. It may be the ones that provide jobs, shelter for the homeless, grants and so forth.

7- Educate others

We need as many people as possible to come together for the right causes, even white people. Therefore, do not hesitate in talking about these causes to your circle and encourage them in joining in.

8- Pray for everybody

Pray for yourself and for others. Pray for the victims and their families. Pray for your loved ones and those you do not know. Pray for your government even though you do not agree with their ways. Pray for your oppressors. Ask God to heal them from the anger that they may have which triggers them to hurt you and yours. Ask God to forgive their sins. Ask God to fulfill his will upon his children. Form local prayer groups, meditate, keep faith.

9- Live by the Ubuntu principles

“Ubuntu” is an African philosophy which embodies humanity towards others. It loosely means “I am because we are” and calls on us to mirror our humanity for each other. “Ubuntu” does not pressure nor does it expect anything in return. “Ubuntu” is empathic and compassionate toward other humans.

In a 2010 article on thedailybeast.com, Liberian peace activist, Leymah Roberta Gbowee while addressing Mass Rape that African women are victims of said :
"Most women only take action when their own communities are threatened. This must stop if we are to tackle the ills that are plaguing our African society. We must ignite the spirit of “Ubuntu”—“I am what I am because of who we all are.” Read more about Ubuntu here.

In the spirit of togetherness, you should not be blamed for not joining in. However, we are all in this together and should all do our part if there will be any real change for the black race.

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